I’m Not Done Yet

Why do I, a Christian, need the Gospel?
Because my flesh is so strong, even when I feel so mighty and powerful.
Because temptation is so tempting.
Because I have spiritual short term memory loss, and I always forget who I am and who he is.
Because I am constantly bombarded with reasons why God is a cosmic kill-joy.
Because I am selfish and greedy, idolatrous to the core.
Because I think I am far better than I am.
Because I preach to a group of people who need to see that this is real.
Because I don’t believe that Jesus is everything I’ll ever need.
Because people sin against me.
Because the easily accessible distractions of this world dazzle so much.
Because I just denied myself that one thing that I really, really want.
Because I just gave in.
Because I just read a moron’s status update.
Because someone just slammed that moron.
Because I am that moron.
Because I’m busy.
Because I’m bored.
Because I’m lazy.
Because I want Jesus’ stuff, and not Jesus himself.
Because I’m still full of hate and bitterness.
Because you just pissed me off with your self righteous judgments.
Because I just self righteously judged you.
Because I am a coward.
Because I’m so smart.
Because I’m sleepy.
Because I’m wide awake.
Because I want to know the depths of God’s love for me.
Because I’m so tired of my pet sins.
Because I just ran into that one guy who emotionally and spiritually raped me.
Because I think I am accepted because of my clean record.
Because I use my freedom as a license.
I need the Gospel, not just as a door to get in to the Christian faith, but as the foundation and building materials of my faith. And whether I try to build wrongly, or I try to destroy my own work, or someone else tries to tear me down, I need a healthy reminder to build.
I need the Gospel because I’m not done yet.


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